How to Install Your New Medal Display

in 5 easy steps

Every Medal Display comes complete with everything you need to fix it to your wall.

2 x screws

2 x spacers

2 x wall plugs

1. Hold your Medal Display against the wall in the position you want to fix it. You can use a spirit level to make sure it is straight. Using a pencil make a mark on the wall where each screw hole is.

2. Using a 5mm wide drill bit, drill two 25mm deep holes where you have marked the wall.

(NOTE: If fixing to wood surfaces use a 2mm wide bit and skip step 3)

3. Push the wall plugs in to the two holes until they are flush with the wall.
4. Push the screws through the holes on the display, then through the spacers and finally in to the wall plug.
5. Finally just tighten the screws using a screwdriver.
Add your medals, make a cup of tea and admire your handywork!