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This month we feature another supermom, Cathie Mortimer Rae, who had an aversion to running as a child but later fell in love with it later in life.

Over to you Cathie!

I was always active as a child and loved dancing. I was never still but the one thing I didn't enjoy was running. I recall being dragged around the cross-country course by my friend so that our form won an inter-form competition. I hated it.

Then in 2002, at the age of 31, my work colleague suggested we apply for the 2003 great north run! We completed the 2003 Manchester 10k as part of our training and this was to be my first piece of bling!

I completed the great north run whilst 10 weeks pregnant. I was proud to get my second medal but given an excuse to stop running. After 2 children I had put on 4 stone and the thought of running anywhere didn't enter my head.

Then in 2015 I took the bull by the horns and lost some weight. 3 stone later I did my first park run and was hooked. I became a regular at marple park run which is a lovely run albeit a mud bath at this time of year.

The Manchester 10k in 2016 was the first 10k I had done in years but was the catalyst and I started entering more and more. I love picking up my medal at the end and taking the obligatory selfie with said medal in hand.

This year I ran the great north run again, 14 years after the first time and faster! Followed by the Manchester half marathon. And next year’s diary already has 8  10ks, 4 half marathons and a tough mudder penciled in.

My friends think I'm mad. The drawer were I put my medals early doors was getting full and I remember thinking why am I displaying my children's sporting trophies and hiding my medals away. I wanted to show them that mums can still achieve - even at 46! I purchased my medal display and as soon as it was up it was full. I love it. And I love looking at how far I've come, how much I have achieved and thinking how much further I can go—a marathon before I'm 50. Never say never! Mums can run too!!!!


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