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This month we share another inspiring story of a runner with a full heart.

It is clear that one of her secrets to a happy life are the magnanimous causes to which she dedicates each of her runs, whether it be for charity, to inspire a friend or for the fun memories that will last a lifetime.

Without further ado we shine our spotlight to Suzanne Davies.  

“Thank you Medal Displays. 

My running started 4 years ago. My first ever run was a birthday present from my brother, a 5k November run in Nottingham in 2014.

From the moment I crossed the finishing line I had the bug and went on to book a run that night. It was a goal, and the sense of achievement was fantastic. 

I went on to do runs for charity including the Great North Run in 2016 for meningitis and 2017 for the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air ambulance. 

In 2017 I achieved 19 medals, setting a target of 1 run a month and I smashed it.

I run for the social side of things, now running with a friend after I have inspired her (her own words), keeping active and obviously the bling.

I wouldn't class myself as a great runner but it's the taking part, doing your best and having a story for each run at the end of it."


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