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It is always a delight to meet a couple who share their fitness journeys with each other, such is the case of Lyndsay and Philip McKellow.

Supportive wife, Lyndsay, shares the ups and downs of her husband's running adventures, always being there to cheer him on across the finish line. 

 "I’ve known my husband my whole life, we first met age 4 in primary school and we got married 3 years ago.

When we first started our relationship, Philip loved running. He was always on the go and very fit. He mainly ran park runs when he could (works most Saturdays) and through the summer months taking part in half marathons and a few marathons.

He has completed the Great North Run 11 times breaking his PB this year, knocking 3 minutes of his time. 

Over the last two years he has run all year, maintaining his training through the winter months. He enjoys running by himself so although he has joined a running club, he does his training by himself. 

Philip is a great motivator, I am not a runner but he encouraged and helped me be able to run a half marathon and we have been to Amsterdam to run together at the Amsterdam marathon, though I was pregnant so did the 8k. 

As Philip has trained more so his goals have changed and a two years ago took part in his first ultra marathon of 69 miles. The Wall! He vowed on the finish line he wouldn’t be doing anything like that again, but it’s in him and he was soon signing up to another challenge. 

Lakeland 50 was next, that was tough with a lot of climbing but he loved it. Finished.

Then The Oner - 82 miles in 24 hours. Finished. 

Then came the Downs 100. He didn’t finish this one. It was tough and in the middle of the night at around 76 miles he had nothing left. He was extremely disappointed and self doubt creeps in as to wether he could do it! 

He was determined that he would finish a 100 mile race and last weekend we headed to Goring to take part in the Centurion Autumn 100 and in non stop rain and 27 1/2 hours of non stop running he crossed the finish line. I’m always at the finish line with our one year old baby. We crew his races and it was amazing to see him over the finish line!  

So for anyone thinking they’d love to fill a medal display up but has self doubt - you can achieve whatever it is you want to do. Keep trying and keep working. You can and will succeed!"


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