Every champion has their tale of humble beginnings and through that we draw motivation and courage to overcome each obstacle. 

This month we feature Paula Smith, who in a span of a year has progressed in leaps and bounds, continuously pushing her boundaries in running. 

Over to you Paula. 

“I began running as a way of trying to lose weight for my wedding, but I rarely got further than my local convenience store (half mile) before turning and heading home.  I never thought I stood a chance of actually becoming a runner.

I once joined a crowd of thousands of people cheering on participants of the Cardiff Half Marathon and I remember thinking 'I would love to be able to do that' and a year later (2014) there I was at the start line of the Cardiff Half.  I completely surprised myself by finishing in a time of 02.13.29 and was so thrilled that I just wanted to do it all again. That's where running for me, properly began. To date I have run 7 half marathons and multiple 10k races.

I have now joined my local run club 'Pencoed Panthers' and I find myself surrounded by hugely inspirational people.  I find that hearing about all the achievements of individual members and seeing the enjoyment they take from running, really motivates me to get up and push myself that little bit more, so much so that this year I challenged myself to run my first full marathon which I completed at LCW Tenby, Wales in July.

I will keep running.  My feet take me to amazing places.  I have a four year old son who I hope will grow to never underestimate himself, I try to lead by example and I hope he will always be proud of mummy.”



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