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This month we feature Jacky Patching, a devoted mum who single handedly tries to balance her fitness and emotional wellbeing. She overcomes emotional challenges through running and has graciously shared her journey with us. 

“I only started running as a 30 something year old single parent, I just needed some time to myself so off I trotted, and it was tough.

Over the years I got faster, stronger and felt great, winning most improved runner for my club and running VLM back in 2010 and 2012 along with lots of races.

Then my life just got busy and complicated so it stopped other than a random gym session.

I sadly lost my mum in 2016 and I decided to just get out and do a very hilly local 10k. Having not run for years, I made it round in well over 1 hour 20 minutes. Straight after that, and one year on from mum we found my dad passed away too. This made me assess my fitness and life and I knew I just needed time for me too so off I ran again and this time I haven’t looked back. 

I have got my 10k from 1 hour 12 minutes in October to 52 minutes so far and my parkruns from 32 to 25 minutes and I’m getting pb’s on each race.

I’m 47 soon (still a single mum) and I’m running beachy head marathon in October along with a lot of road races, I am desperate to do VLM again and am tempted to book Paris too. 

My medal display was in a drawer now it’s proudly displayed on my wall and each race I do I do for mum and dad and hope they are proud of me. My journey has been tough but I will continue to run hard and well and become fitter and faster for myself and my kids.”

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