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Two years ago, Genna Rourke made the decision to find her old self and embark on a weight loss journey. What she didn't know, was that it would lead her to make crucial lifestyle changes that made her the happier and healthier version of herself that she is now.

Today, Genna shares her fitness journey and how she overcame one challenge after another by staying determined and keeping her eyes set on the goal.

Over to you Genna.

“In October 2017 I decided that I was sick of saying each year (for like the last 6/7 years if not longer) I was going to lose the weight I had piled on over the years. 

Weight gain was affecting every part of my life, mentally it was draining me, I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, I didn't like going out, I wasn't confident, I hated clothes shopping, I had lost the old me and I hated it. 

I had tried so many diets, started and left so many gyms, and each time I would lose some weight but not make the lifestyle change I needed and the weight piled back on.

I decided I would start running and book an event for 2018.  After thinking about it I decided that one event properly wasn't going to be enough because training would be left to the last minute because we all know that's what we do. 

So I thought maybe 1 a month, but it just didn't seem right so I went with 18 in 2018.  I booked events from half marathons, tough mudders, 5k, 10ks etc. to keep me on plan.

I started park run, and joined a run club and I did my first half in January 2018 in over 3 hours and 30 minutes, not great but I did it.  By April I was still doing events but I wasn't losing weight.  So I decided to look at additional training.

I live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest decent gym is 45 minutes away and I just didn't have that time.  So I needed something to do at home that would keep me motivated and challenged and didn't require me purchasing and storing a gym.  And then I found it.  I started a 13-week online program that was filmed live and every day was different. It has over 80 videos, so you are not just watching the same person do the same thing every day.  It also came with a nutritional plan to get my eating right and best of all 3 bits of kit!

13 weeks later I had lost 30lbs and 30.5" as shown in the photo and I felt amazing. I did the same half marathon in June 2018 in 2 hours 45 minutes but the best thing was I had the lifestyle change that I needed to keep losing weight and keep eating healthy.

I have continued to do the same program online and others and continue to lose weight.  I have loved the program that much I have teamed up with the company to become a coach to support other people who have been in my situation to lose weight, tone up and find the old them again through eating clean food in the right portion sizes and training correctly.  If anyone wants to contact me please do (!

I decided to finish 2018 with a bang and do my first marathon in Chester.  The medals have built up, so needing a great medal display was required, so I ordered my first one When I received it, I loved it.

Couple of pounds left to go to get to my target weight and I have jumped straight to my next challenge I want to do 40 events by the time I am 40 in August 2020! So a few more hangers will be needed!

Looking forward to getting my next display all filled up!”


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