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A story of an inspiring transformation born of persistence; Dave Bennett had hit a period in his life where he was eating his way towards his most unfit self until he made the decision that something had to change.

A decision which led him to transform his lifestyle, making him a much stronger and fitter version of himself. 

Let’s hear it from Dave. 

“6 years ago, at 37 years old, I was over 3.5 stone heavier and very unfit.  When my gym loving work colleagues asked me mockingly if I fancied joining them in a 10k I took them up on their offer. 

I went out that evening, ran a mile in a long time and coughed for even longer when I finished.  As hard as it was, 3 days later I went out and done the same again, and then repeated trying to progress in distance and speed each time. I realized after a few weeks that the aching was getting less and I was getting better. 

When the 10k came around 2 months later, when I crossed the line 1st out of our team, I had the biggest sense of pride and achievement.  From then on I was addicted.  

Keeping focused on my training, improvement and weight loss continued and highlights during the first year included taking my half marathon time down to well under 1:30 (1:26:46) in 7 months and running my first marathon in 2:53:40. 

Finishing the first marathon was quite an emotional experience knowing how far I had come since that first mile only 12 months back.

In the years that have followed, despite getting older I have continued to improve and have many highlights.  These include:

- Cheshire Runner of the Year for 2018 and 2019

- Silver medal for the Masters International Cross Country 2018 (part of the Welsh team)

- North Wales Male 10k Champion 2019

- North Wales Male Half Marathon 2019 Silver

- British Masters 10k Road Championship 2018 Silver

I'm also part of the North Wales Road running team.

Current PB's

5k 15:46

5m 26:14

10k 31:33

HM 70:25

M 2:43 

I haven't run a marathon since 2017 and hoped for a really good time in London this year, before it was cancelled.  I hope to improve all of the times above.”


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