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Present day heroes are not found wearing capes but are disguised as one of us.

Amidst all the uncertainty, we find rays of hope in building a better future from special gestures of kindness. Such is the case with Medals of the Month winner, Ava Harman, who dedicates her win to her friend.

Ava’s mum, Amy, shares with us how special her daughter is indeed.

“Thanks for this, Ava is over the moon she has been able to win a medal display for her friend Isobel who is a very keen swimmer and whose mum is a nurse who has been on the frontline during the pandemic.

Ava started ballet at age 3 and has never stopped.  She now dances for over hours every week and loves all kinds of dance styles.  Her favorites are tap, contemporary and street.

She competes in festivals with a solo tap routine but is also involved in many group dances. These include a ballet troupe who made it to the All England national finals last year and qualified for this years Dance World Cup in Rome.”


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