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We love being  a part of your achievements and getting to see you celebrate your wins.

It's the memories of the trials and triumphs over hardships that make each of your medals so special.

This month we feature Amy Williams, whose heart is bursting with love for running.

Although she says she doesn’t have ‘a lot’ of medals, her genuine passion for running is what makes her a true athlete. 

Here is what she has to say...

"I’m Amy, a 27-year-old from Nottinghamshire who discovered running around four years ago.

Although I have always been fairly sporty, running was something I hated growing up.

Through my work I had been supporting a team of people to run the London Marathon – all of whom had lost a significant amount of weight (7st+!) and fallen in love with running – and I thought if they can do it, I can!

Fast-forward four years and I am very much in love with running myself too – it is my escape, my time for head-space, my ‘me time’.

I have now taken part in six half marathon events, and this April I took part in the London Marathon, after successfully getting a place in the ballot third time lucky. 

I don’t have a lot of medals, but each one on my display is very special to me and comes with it’s own story. 

One race I fell down the stairs the night before… two I nearly missed the start of… one I didn’t think I’d finish (no prizes for guessing which!)

Every one included me getting emotional at one point during the race, and feeling completely elated by the end.

For anyone thinking of entering a race for the first time I would say go for it - what do you have to lose?

At the start of the race you’ll definitely question why you have put yourself up for it, but once that medal is around your neck all the hours of training, and the pain, will be worth it."

We're so grateful to Amy for sharing her story. Her instagram is awesome, you can follow her at

Amy Williams

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